• Kulpeshov B.Sh., Sudoplatov S.V.

On algebras of distributions of binary formulas for quite o-minimal theories    5-13 

  • Bazhikov K.T., Kasimov A.O., Usembayeva S.A., KalievM.

 Prospects of wireless sensor netwoks    14-17 

  • Orynbayev S.A., Moldakhmetov S.S., Bekbayev A.B

Single phase stand-alone inverter   18-23

  • Dildabek G., Tengayeva A.

Constructing a basis from systems of eigenfunctions of one boundary value problem   24-28

  • Kalmenov T.Sh., Suragan D

Integral boundary conditions of elliptic differential equations with varaible coefficients   29-35

  • Baymukhavetov A.A., Martynov N.I., Tanirbergenov A.G

Computer modelling of formation of deep salt diapirizm   36-40

  • TorebekB.T.

Boundary conditions of the one volume potential in multidimensional ball   41-43

  • Baraev A., Zhumabayev M.Zh., Akhmetov N.M., Tulip A.S., Bariev M.

Study of the influence of tool joints on forced oscillatory process of the drill string    44-49

  • Asanova A.T., Imanchiev A.E.

On the solvability of a three-point boundary value problem for a differential equation of second order    50-55

  • Kosherov T., SerikA., Seitov A.

Influence of laser treatment on the properties of polycrystalline silicon    56-60

  • Bazhikov K.T., Kassimov A.O., Usembayeva S.A., Tolepbergenova G.

Wireless sensor netwoks    61-65

  • Baktybaev K., Dalelkhankyzy A., Baktybaev M.K.

Method strongly connected channels and inelastic scattering of alpha particles at even isotopes of Ne, Mg    66-72

  • Imanbayev N.S.

About the eigen value problem of Cauchy-Riemann operator with homogeneous boundary conditions of Dirichlet task type    73-77

  • Kozhamkulova Zh.Zh., Koishieva T.K., Nusipbekova A.N., Ibadullaeva A.

Improvement of training teachers in the active development of information technology    78-82

  • Bakirova E.A., Iskakova N.B., Armya T.

Solvability of linear boundary value problem for ordinary differential equation second order    83-88

  • Suragan D.

On the second characteristic number of the newton potential    89-93

  • Bazhikov K.T., Kurmanseit M., Abenova A., Serik A.

Photoluminescence properties of porous silicon    94-97

  • Askarova A.S., Bolegenova S.A., Berezovskaya I.E., Shortanbayeva Zh.K., Maksutkhanova A.M., Ospanova Sh.S., Mukasheva G.K., Yergalyeva A.B

Computer simulation of liquid fuel spray and combustion at different injection velocities    98-103

  • Turmaganbet G.B., Samatkyzy N

Hurst exponent and fractal dimension of a time series estimate in a single parallel algorithm    104-109

  • Zhanabaev Z.Zh., Kozhagulov Ye.T., Zhexebay D.M.

Electronic models of neural network at programmable integrated circuit    110-115

  • Sergeyev D.M., Kuzmichev S.A., Aimaganbetova Z.K., Shunkeyev K.Sh

Modeling of the dynamic conductivity of superconductor-based ballistic contact with weak oscillated order parameter in the energy range 60-100 meV in high transparency mode    116-123

  • MazakovaB.M., ZhakipovA.T., Zhumakhanova A.C.

Search of the homologous nucleotide sequences based on bioinformatic modeling    124-128

  • Takibayev N.Zh., TakibayevaM.N., Kurmangaliyeva V.O., Nassirova D.M.

Physical processes in crystals of superdense neutron stars in the crusts    129-135

  • Gusmanova F.R., Alltybay A., SakypbekovaM.Zh.

T-controllability of nonlinear throttle drive    136-141

  • Abdykadyrov B.K., Takibaev N.Zh

Ab initio calculations of band gaps of CsPbI3 and RbPbI3 halyde perovskites    142-146

  • Askarova A.S., Bolegenova S.A., Bolegenova S.A., Gabitova Z.H., Maximov V.Yu., Yergaliyeva A.B.

Investigation ofinfluence of dispersibility ofpulverized coal injection onthermal characteristics of the combustion in the combustion chamber of the boiler BKZ-160 Almaty TPP-3    147-153

  • Abdrahmanov K., Kassimova N.A.

Solution stereometric tasks with application of vectors   154-159

  • Shinibaev M.D., Kassimova N.A.

Methods of application properties of the scalar product of vectors to solve problems in the metric space    159-164



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