On the unique solvability of a nonlocal problem with integral conditions for system of hyperbolicequations of the second order   5-14

Kudyshev Zh.A., Davletov A.E., Gabitov I.R., Kisan A., Mukhametkarimov Ye.SС
About an analytic solution to the equation describing the process of second harmonic generation in transition metamaterials   15-20

Nurbakyt G., Kemelzhanova S.E., Makhabbat E. 
Dettermination of the constituent mass and the meson mass via the complete hamiltonian   20-27

Auelbekov O.A., Kataev N.S., KunelbayevM.M., Salgaraeva G.I. 
Determination of flat solar collectors of heat losses to the environment   28-33

Bazhikov K.T., Kasimov A.O., Rakhimzhanov R.R., Kenzhebayev D.B. 
The research of influence of temperature on stability in networks of fiber-optic connection lines   33-37

Kudaibergenov A., Kudaibergenov Ask. 
Comparative analysis of numerical methods for modelling of drill string nonlinear dynamics   37-42

Boshkayev K.A., Suleymanova S.S., Zhami B.A., Taukenova A.S., Aimuratov Ye.K. 
Correspondence of the Fock and the Kerr metrics   43-48

Baraev A., Dzhanzakov I.I., Zhumabaev M.Zh., Kulzhatayeva K.M., Tulep A.S.
Application of the method of impact through the elastic element to hastily in the well column   49-54

Batryshev D.G., Abdullin Kh.A., Ramazanov T.S., Gabdullin M.T., Ismailov D. V., Togambaeva А.К., Chihray E.V.
Synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotubes and its composite by CVD method   55-61

Issakhov As.A. 
Minimal elements and minimal covers in Rogers semilattices   62-65

Batryshev D.G., Abdullin Kh.A., Ramazanov T.S., Gabdullin M.T., Ismailov D.V., Chihray E.V.
Synthesis of multi-walled and single-walled carbon nanotubes by CVD method   66-72

Ukrainets V.N., Otarbaev Zh.O., Girnis S.R. 
Influence of contact conditions on tunnel two-layer lining with a massif on its tense-deformed condition at action of transport loads   73-79

Zhakupov K.B. 
Modeling the dinamics of photons   80-86

Dzhumagulova K.N., Ramazanov T.S., Masheyeva R.U., Donko Z. 
Effect of magnetic field on the oscillations of the dust particles   86-91

Dostilek Dauitbek..
Clarkson weak majorization inequalities for r-measurable operators   91-96

YeskaliyevM., Omirbek G.O., ChanbaevaM.K.
About determination of plastic stress distributed components according to the different conditions of plasticity   97-101

Duisenova N.B., BaykazievaR.T., Nusipbekova A.N. 
Application of computer technologies in the education system    102-105

Altynbekov Sh. 
On the method of solving the problem of process control calcium oil reservoirs and surface   105-111

Dostilek D. 
Subadditivity weak majorization inequalities for r-measurable operators   111-115

Tulenov K.
Some properties of the noncommutative Hp,s)(A;lm )and Hq (A;ll) spaces   116-120

Zhaugasheva S.A., Ishmukhamedov I.S., Valiolda D.S., Zhussupova N.K.
Description of ultracold atoms in a harmonic trap   120-125

Isatayev S., Tarasov S., Toleuov G., Isatayev M., Bolysbekova Sh., Baygalikyzy B. 
Dynamics of vortex perturbations in initial and transition three jet regions   125-131

Kabylbekov K.A., Ashirbaev Kh.A., Sabalakhova A.P., Zhumagalieva A.I.
Model of the form of the organization of computer laboratory operation on examination of the light interference   131-136

Kosherov T.S., Turlybekova G.K., Nurakhmetova K.K., Seitov A.
Modification of a surface of silicon at temperature and laser effects   137-144

MamayevSh.M., BorashevaI.T.
Numerical analysis of dynamic disturbances in the composite rod by grid-characteristic method   145-154

Kabylbekov K.A., Ashirbaev Kh.A., Sabalakhova A.P., Zhumagalieva A.I.
Model of the form of the organization of computer laboratory work on research of Doppler effect   155-160

Manakov S.M., Sagidolda Ye.
Investigation of physical properties of nanoscale porous silicon  films   161-167

Marzhan M., Nogaibaeba M.O., Kudaikulov A.K. 
Research thermo-physical-mechanical state of the rod of fixed length under vozdeysviya heat flow and heat transfer     168-175

Kozhamkulova Zh.Zh., Koyshieva T.K., Yessentaev K.U.
Learning the basics of designing information technology tools for the vocational training of future teachers      175-179

Musyraliev Zh.A., Omirbek G.O., Rsalina L.A. 
Cauchy problem for first order  differential equations using a table    180-185

Orazbayev S.A., Ramazanov T.S., Dosbolayev M.K., Batryshev D.G., Boufendi L.
Synthesis of the carbon nanoparticles in the gas phase depending on the plasma parameters   186-190

Ozhikenov K.A., Mikhailov P.G., Rakhimzhanova P., Abdikulov Z. 
The issue of providing temporary stability of fluid sensors   191-198

Orazbayev S.A., Ussenov Ye.A., Ramazanov T.S., DosbolayevM.K., Utegenov A.U. 
A calculation of the electron temperature of complex plasma in noble gases mixture in CCRF discharge   198-203

Sarsengeldin M.M., Bizhigitova N.T.
Analytical solution of the heat equation with discontinuous coefficients and boundary flux condition   204-207

Suieubaev О.В. 
Action some aspects of the field and wave in the RFID   207-211

Suranchieva Z.T., Otelbaeva A.K. 
The basic structure of teaching in higher education institutions with information and educational environment   211-215

Umbetov A. U.
Possibilities of the use bipolyarizator made from icelandic spar   216-222

Evdokimov A.P., Iskakova G.M., Kydirova S.A.
Power and phase characteristics of diffraction flat printing radiators   222-227

Salgaraeva G.I., Makhanova A.S. 
Information and communication technologies in teaching  children with     disabilities   227-231

Alexeyeva L.A. 
The generalized decisions and singular boundary integral equations of the boundary value problem of elastodynamics at supersonic transport loads   231-242



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