• Yakovets A.F., Gordienko G.I., Litvinov Yu.G., Abdrakhmanov N..

Midlatitude summer nighttime anomaly effect in the ionosphere over Almaty              5-12

  • Yakovets A.F., Gordienko G.I., Litvinov Yu.G. 

Mechanisms of Nighttime Enhancements in the Electron Concentration in the F2-Layer Maximum of the Midlatitude Ionosphere             12-18

  • ZhumabayevB.T., Yakovets A.F., Gordienko G.I., Litvinov Yu.G. 

Studying Parameters of Waves Generated by Dawn and Dusk Solar Terminators              19-25

  • Sokolova O.I., AndreevA.B., Burlakov G.V., Kachusova O.L., Kryakunova O.N., Levin Yu.N., Nikolaevskiy N.F. 

The control of registration of experimental data of geomagnetic field in the "Alma-Ata" magnetic observatory                26-32

  • Somsikov V.M., Andreev A.B., Zhumabaev B.T.  

Peculiarities of seasonal behavior of wave disturbances in the mesosphere according to SATI and satellite observations               33-39

  • Kozin I.D., Fedulina I.N.  

Solar flares and propagation of radio waves            40-45

  • Kozin I.D., Fedulina I.N., Vasiliev I.V., Protsenko V.A., Kirpun V.V.  

The device for monitoring of radiochannel Occupancy          46-49

  • Kozin I.D., Fedulina I.N.  

Transionospheric propagation of radiowaves             49-53

  • Zhantayev Zh.Sh., Breusov N.G., Khachikyan G.Ya., Mukashev K.M., Sadykov T.Kh.  

Muons in cosmic rays and processes in Earth's crust                54-63

  • Zhantayev Zh.Sh., ZhumabayevB.T., Khachikyan G.Ya., ToishievN., Kairatkyzy D.  

Variations of solar and global seismic activity in 21-24 solar cycles          63-70

  • Khachikyan G.Ya., Kim A.S., Inchin A.S., Lozbin A. 

Seismo-ionospheric relationships: variations in electron temperature and electron density measure by the DEMETER satellite         71-78

  • Khachikyan G.Ya., DemchenkoB.I., ShestakovaL.I., SadykovaA.B. 

Frequency of earthquake occurrence depending on sidereal time (for Almaty region)             79-86

  • Bibossinov A.Zh., ShigaevD.T., Kairanbayeva А.В. 

Methods of diagnosis and evaluation technical state of hydraulic structures by GPR          86-92

  • Bibossinov A.Zh., Nurakynov S.M.  

Mapping of modern geodynamic processes in urban areas using remote sensing data          92-98

  • Vilyayev A.V., Stiharnyi A.P., Serikbaeva E.B. 

Assessing the impact of the relief by method of spline regression in the study of the emission of infrared radiation from the surface of the Earth          98-103

  • Asanova A.T.

About the periodic problem on the plane for the system of hyperbolic equations with mixed derivatives a special form          104-117

  • Karimov A.M.

The calculation index of scattering in the earth's atmosphere         117-120

  • Aldashev S.A., Uaisov B.

The criterion of one-valued solvability of Dirichlet and Poincare spectral problems for Gellerstedt multidimensional equation         120-124

  • Ahmetova S.T., Imanbaeva A.B., Shaldanbaev A.Sh.

About one method of the solution of the return task of Cauchy for the Storm Liouville equation          124-129

  • Tleubergenov M.I., Vassilina G.

On the stochastic stability analytically given integral manifold         129-138

  • Imanbaeva A.B., Ahmetova S.T., Shaldanbaev A.Sh.

About self-conjugacy signs in essential the operator of Storm Liouville        138-144

  • Sergaliyev A., Khajiyeva L.

The method of generalized functions in stationary boundary value problem for equation of the dynamics of the drill-string        144-150

  • Koishybekova A.K.

Mathematical modeling in environmental issues         150-154

  • Lebedev I.A., Temiraliev A.T., Fedosimova A.I.

Research of long-range and short-range correlations in interactions of 10.7 AGeV gold nuclei with photoemulsion nuclei              154-159

  • Baktybaev K., Dalelkhankyzy A., KoilykN.O., BaktybaevM.K.

Description of scattering processes 3He isotopes 28,30,32Si strong coupling method channels of nuclear reactions        159-166

  • Imanbaeva A.B., Ahmetova S.T., Shaldanbaev A.Sh.

About one necessary sign of frequency rate of own values of the operator of Storm Liouville         167-172

  • Bilal Sh.

Darzhanova A.B. Weighted functional inequalities        172-181

  • SarsengeldinM.M., Bizhigitova N.T.

Analytical solution of the heat equation with discontinuous coefficients        182-185

  • Zhakhayev B.K.

Representations of Sn on some rooted trees in free right-commutative algebra          185-192

  • Ahmetova S.T., Imanbaeva A.B., Shaldanbaev A.Sh.

About fourier submission of the strong solution of the task of Cauchy for the storm liouville equation         192-197

  • Inkarbekov M.K., Kaltayev A.

Investigation of filtered density function for large eddy simulation of chemically reacting turbulent flows        197-207

  • Imanbaeva A.B., Ahmetova S.T., Shaldanbaev A.Sh.

About nature of dependence of own values of the operator of storm liouville on coefficient of the boundary condition         215-221

  • Koishybekova A.K., Ongarbaeva A.D.

Features of creation of the electronic textbook with the help of new information technology          222-227

  • Boos E.G., Temiraliyev T., Izbasarov M., Samoilov V.V., Tursunov R.A., Fedosimova A.I.

The comparative analysis of energy and angular characteristics of the generated particles in P P -interactions at 22.4 and 32 GeV/C         228-234

  • Musiraliev Zh.A.

The technique of using a spreadsheet in physics at school course scenario Creation of a common structure of the transformer        234-241

  • Ryabikin Yu.A., Zashkvara O.V., Klimenov V.V., IsovaA.T., Tokmoldin S.Zh.

Volume material for spintronics on basis of intermetallide Co5Zn21         242-246

  • ShinibaevM.D., Bekov A.A., Akinbekov E.A., Rakhimzhanov B.N., BaubekovaM.K., Abdulaeva G.A.

Exclusion of small denominators in the two-body problem         246-249

  • Bapaev K.B., Slamzhanova S.S.

Stability and bifurcation of resonance difference-dynamical systems (RDS)         250-256

  • Shinibaev M.D., Bekov A.A., Kukiev Zh.S., Berdalieva T.D., Zhamedinova A.K., Rakhimzhanov B.N.

Elliptic motion type of resonance satellites at intervals a4 < w <a3 in the case of a small tilt orbit to the main plane    256-261

  • Seitov B.Zh., Beisembetov I.K., Nussupov R.Kh., Beisenkhanov N.B., Kenzhaliev B.K, Bakranova D.

Synthesis of thin silicon carbide films by ion implantation technique        261-269



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