• Kulpeshov B.Sh.

Properties of splitting formulas in weakly o-minimal structures       5-13

  • Assanova A.T., Sabalakhova A.P., Baigulova N.Z.

On the unique solvability of a nonlocal boundary value problem with integral condition for an one class of a hybrid systems      14-25

  • Akhmetov B.S., Korchenko А.А., Zhumangalieva N.K.

The model of base unit for control of abnormal condition of environment     26-33

  • Baktybaev K., Dalelkhankyzy A., Ospanov N.K.

Collective excitations of spherical isotopes of Ru in bosonic theory of nuclei.      34-46

  • Beketaeva A.O.

Investigation of the transverse jet interaction supersonic flow field depending on the pressure ratio      46-58

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Constraints representation in attribute based access control models     58-65

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Analysis of elastic and inelastic scattering of α-particles and 3He ions from 9Be, 13C nuclei and deuterons from 11B nuclei at low energies     66-74

  • Dildabek G., Tengayeva A.

On the spectrum of non-local boundary value problem for an equation of mixed parabolic-hyperbolic type     75-81

  • Dilman T.B., Abeyeva A.A., Serikbol M.S.

The uniqueness of the solution of the spatial problem of integral geometry for curves that are invariant with respect to the vertical shift     82-91

  • Dubovichenko S.B., Burtebayev N., Dzhazairov-Kakhramanov А.V., Ткаchenko А.S., Кеrimkulov Zh.К., Alimov D.К., Nasurrlla М.

Radiative capture of proton by 16O nucleus at astrophysical energies    91-97

  • Yeskaliyev M.Ye., Chanbayeva M.K., Abylbekova K., Yessimbekova Zh.I.

Mathematical modeling of elastic-plastic tasks trastrope array with a cavity    98-105

  • Issayeva G.B., Kylyshpaeva N.

New information technologies in education   106-110

  • Kabylbekov К.А., Saidahmetov P.A., Omashova G.Sh., Ashirbaev H.A., Berdalieva M.J.

Model of the form of the organization of computer laboratory work on research of the compelled electromagnetic fluctuations   111-116

  • Kal’menov T.Sh., Suragan D.

On spectral zeta functions of the laplace equation with the integral boundary conditions of the potential  128-135

  • Kabylbekov К.А., Saidahmetov P.A., Omashova G.Sh., Berdalieva M.J., Dzhumagalieva A.I.

Model of the form of the organisation of performance of computer laboratory operation on examination of interaction of two long parallel conductors with currents  135-140

  • Saymbetov A.K., Japashov N.M., Sissenov N.K., Kuttybay N.B., Mukhametkali B.K., Tulkibayuly Ye., Nurgaliyev M.K.

Physical features of formation of silicon p-i-n detector structures  141-144

  • Hamzina B.S.

Colmatation-suffusion filtration of disperse systems taking into account variable diffusion   144-149

  • Suragan D.

A nonlocal boundary value problem on the Heisenberg group  150-156

  • Musahanova M.A., Mindetbayeva A.A.

Methods of creation information system for automation of professional practice   156-160

  • Mindetbayeva A.A., Musahanova M.A.

Methods of application of the fundamentals of instructional design in the professional preparation of future teachers of informatics   161-165

  • Dairbekov S.S., Shinibaev M.D., Narimbetova A., Utegenov O., Tanabaeva D.

The first system of canonical elements Poincare in the second Hill’s problem   166-177

  • Kadirbayeva Zh.М., Kabdrakhova S.S.

On a solvability of linear boundary value problem with multipoint integral condition for the loaded differential equations under impulse effect   178-189

  • Daiyrbekov S.S., Shinibaev M.D., Narimbetova A., Utegenov O., Tanabaeva D.

The second system of canonical elements of Poincare in the second Hill’s problem   190-199

  • Isembergenov N.T., Dadaeva A.N., Sagyndikova A.Zh., Usembaeva S.A.

The heat flux into the dryer in induction heating   200-205



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