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The nature of bifurcation of the dynamical systems      11-14

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Circuit simulation of protection onboard electronics from electrostatic discharge     15-19

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Effects of earthquakes in variations of thermal neutrons intensity at the high altitude station of northern Tien-Shan      20-26

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Effectiveness of GPR method for investigation of geotechnical conditions on the sites of Almaty subway in surface occurrence    50-55

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A low-power solar thermal power station with the maximum use of solar energy    56-61

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Numerical investigation of fingering pattern formation during the flow of two immiscible fluids in a channel    86-90

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Model of decision rules to detect anomalies in information systems   91-100

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About of the discrete inequalities   101-109

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Investigation of eas particles interaction at extremely high energies at altitude of 3340 m. a.s.l   110-116

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On the modeling of dynamics of viscous fluid equations rotor speed and stream function   117-123

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The effective application of the maxwell equations and ohm’s law of numerical simulation of two-phase process of magnetohydrodynamics   124-134

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Calculation of ω (782) meson's decay width for the reaction ω π+ +π- +π0 in covariant quark model    135-140

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About rogers semilattices of two element families of difference of C.E. Sets  141-146

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Study of structure and phase composition of silicon surface at temperature and laser Exposure   147-155

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Features of the stress state of the silicon wafer during thermal annealing   156-162

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Parametrization method for solving transcedental equations   168-172

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Numerical study of the formation of the plastic zone and stress wave discharge in a rod of finite length by grid-characteristic method   173-183

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Application of electronic educational resources in the educational process in teaching future teachers   184-187

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Structure properties of (α, β) – bicommutative algebras   208-213

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Exact and approximatesolutions of two phase inverse Stefan problem   214-225



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